The ideal target values for a good glycemic control should be as follows.

Fasting Plasma Glucose 70 – 130 mg/dl
2 hrs Post food Plasma Glucose 135 - 180 mg/dl
1 hr Pre food Plasma Glucose 90 - 130 mg/dl
HbA1c <6.5 %
Blood Pressure 130/80 mmHg
Total Cholesterol Less than 200 mg/dl
LDL Cholesterol Less than 80 mg/dl
HDL Cholesterol More than 40 mg/dl in Men.
More than 50 mg/dl in Women.
Triglycerides Less than 150 mg/dl

*The above values are as per International Standards Regular monitoring of blood sugars at home with the help of a glucometer is recommended and also maintenance of a SMBG (Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose) chart, which should be showed to your Diabetologist during every visit.